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A Level History (ZIMSEC)

Welcome to the A Level African History Section. This section contains Zimbabwean  , African , Tropical and European History divided into sections below. You need to expand a section to view its content. To expand a section press the + Icon on the left on the section titles. 

If you’re experiencing problems in downloading kindly follow the link to view our download guide. Happy downloading 🔥🔥

Download “Great Zimbabwe State”

2nLmk – Downloaded 234 times – Great Zimbabwe State (234 downloads)

Download “Mutapa State”

2nLmm – Downloaded 174 times –
Mutapa State (174 downloads)

Download “Rozvi State”

2nLmq – Downloaded 162 times –
Rozvi State (162 downloads)

Download “Ndebele State”

2nLmn – Downloaded 182 times –
Ndebele State (182 downloads)

Download “The Ndebele State (Revision)”

2nLmo – Downloaded 178 times –
The Ndebele State (Revision) (178 downloads)

Download “Transition From Late Stone Age to Early Iron Age”

2nLms – Downloaded 204 times –
Transition From Late Stone Age to Early Iron Age (204 downloads)

Download “The Anglo-Ndebele War”

2nLmh – Downloaded 194 times –
The Anglo-Ndebele War (194 downloads)

Download “The Missinaries and Their Roles”

Missionaries-in-Zimbabwe.pdf – Downloaded 94 times – 243.40 KB
The Missinaries and Their Roles (94 downloads)

Download “Sources of Historical Evidence”

2nLmg – Downloaded 196 times –
Sources of Historical Evidence (196 downloads)

Download “The Colonisation of Zimbabwe”

2nLmj – Downloaded 180 times –
The Colonisation of Zimbabwe (180 downloads)

Download “Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland”

2nLmd – Downloaded 206 times –

Download “The Armed Struggle In Zimbabwe”

2nLmi – Downloaded 187 times – The Armed Struggle In Zimbabwe (187 downloads)

Download “Settler Labour Policies and African Reaction 1850”

2nLmf – Downloaded 197 times – Settler Labour Policies and African Reaction 1850 (197 downloads)

Download “Post Independence Developments In Zimbabwe”

2nLme – Downloaded 163 times – Post Independence Developments In Zimbabwe (163 downloads)

Download “The Rise of Mass Nationalism 1950”

2nLmp – Downloaded 181 times – The Rise of Mass Nationalism 1950 (181 downloads)

Download “The Unilateral Declaration of Independence”

2nLmr – Downloaded 175 times –

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